About Us

We firmly believe in the transformative power of collaborative workflows in today's digital work environment - and our commitment to that belief is unwavering!

Our Leadership Team

Gebhard Schrader
Gebhard Schrader
Arno Staude
Arno Staude
Julia Hlukhovska
Julia Hlukhovska

Our Values

Representation of our people first value

People first

In our teamwork and client relationships, we wholeheartedly embrace the belief that people are the primary drivers of success. Our projects are centered around people and crafted with their needs in mind.

Representation of our innovation value


Driving us to create and lead with groundbreaking ideas, innovation is embedded in our DNA. Our relentless pursuit of the latest technology enables us to continuously push the boundaries of what's possible.

Representation of our agility value


We value adaptability and responsiveness in our quest to create valuable solutions. Our vision was born from recognizing common challenges and embracing flexibility to address them effectively.

Representation of our creativity value


Through fostering a culture of creativity, we have developed unique services and delivered personalized solutions. Our team actively embraces brainstorming and inventing new approaches to meet your specific needs.

Representation of our accountability value


We take full ownership of our work and uphold the highest standards of performance, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence across all aspects of our projects.

Representation of our vision-driven value


A clear and well-defined vision not only fuels our team with purpose and motivation, but also enables us to align our goals for long-term success. We are dedicated to delivering sustainable value and making a meaningful impact.

Representation of our diversity value


By assembling a team of individuals from diverse backgrounds and with different experiences, we harness the power of collective creativity to generate a rich array of ideas. This not only drives us towards breakthrough solutions but also infuses our projects with a remarkable diversity.

Representation of our sustainability value


By placing sustainability at the forefront, we actively contribute to the promotion of social and economic well-being. Our commitment lies in providing enduring services and solutions that not only conserve resources but also operate in an environmentally-friendly manner, ensuring a lasting impact for the benefit of all.

This is how we started

When we recognized the need to integrate enterprise applications with Business Messenger in 2017, an idea began to take shape: We recognized the need to automate processes on the very platforms that businesses were already using for collaboration. At that point, our team formed to pursue a common goal: The proliferation of collaborative workflows - automated processes with a special focus on human involvement.

A girl who is showing the conceptuation process and how our idea was born
A girl who is showing how our collaborative workflows vision was created and crafted

At a time when the market for iPaaS solutions was still in its infancy, we conceived the idea of developing a prototype app that would encompass both workflow automation and team collaboration. This marked the birth of the first GroupLotse. As time passed, integration platforms emerged and successfully tackled numerous automation challenges. However, to this day, none of them offer a comprehensive solution that fully addresses the needs of team cooperation. This conviction fuels our unwavering belief in what we do. As the sole provider of collaborative workflows, we empower our customers with our extensive expertise, seamlessly combining automation, integration, and collaboration into a cohesive entity.

We change the world through
collaborative workflows!